New communication, but without feelings


Some say that this is the age of communication and all speak and write. It is an age of social where you share a thought, a picture, a video and some even share poems. In many share without even understanding the meaning of what they share and so it happens to read the quotes of very important person on message boards of people who have never opened a book written by the author is talking about and almost certainly do not even know who is he and what he done and there is also some people who go beyond sharing poems with naked bodies that have absolutely no connection between them.

In this chaos comes arrive an increasing number of communication and marketing experts who teach how to share more and more, how to impose themselves, as yelling more than others, and in this continuous rant as a sort of competition to see who cries more, these characters are considered marketing guru and suddenly sprouting like mushrooms with their various followers (or rather zombies and malleable puppets) reinventing old things of at least 50 or even 100 years ago in the adapted version, more aggressive and less sensitive.

Blessed silence, because these myths, legends and gurus, in the majority of cases are false, they do not teach nothing but screaming and yelling for the sole purpose of personal affirmation or the gain at any cost.

The affirmation and the gain, according to our cultural and economic models based on the affirmation of selfish ego and unbridled capitalism, only operate at the cost of other people: you're famous if others are not, you gain only if other 100 do not and you are rich only when there are 1000 families who do not arrive without money at the end of the month.

When I started writing, I have not done to earn and become rich or have become rich at the expense of someone or other to get richer people already is at the expense of other families in 1000, as all present geniuses and gurus marketing, but I did it to bring a message to the thousands that that have no money at the end of the month and I pledge that my message gets harder and evokes that person who is enriched impoverishing thousand families and become sensitive to this.

Is it an attempt to the impossible? Could be! In fact I never gained absolutely nothing, but I also lost my money, time and health, while the marketing and communication teachers are paid millions to poison people's minds with falsehoods sewn on stuffed lies of unspeakable abominations that smelly of uncertain origin and that people feeds becoming increasingly insensitive bastard and bad.

When communication was strategy, thinking and planning, and before you write and say anything, you had to stop and think if he could hurt someone. Now they say things like: "you're special to me", "you are very important", "between you and me there can be more than a friendship" and even "I love you" with the same lightness with which it is said: "Give me a glass of water" without even a "please" initial, because communication that the great enlightened and marketing guru who teaches is this: to tell lies that are the biggest possible and caring without assuming absolutely no responsibility for what you say.

I believe that when we speak, we should put a filter between your brain and mouth, especially if we talk about feelings. Certain phrases should be considered important and not a hobby.

But communication is so distorted that even people who add to Facebook called friends, the same people who in normal life would call acquaintances or at best mates and the concept of friend, that is the one with whom you trust, exchange experiences and go to grab a beer together, it goes to hell; wars are called peacekeeping missions, we understand anymore not what is peace and war, and every day at least 10 children die under the bombs; Thousands of parents are scandalized by a slit on the side dress and for months opens in discussion infinite wondering if the girl or the model who wore the dress wore panties or not, while Rocco Siffredi teach Porn lessons undisturbed in the late evening on a channel accessible to anyone and it is estimated that almost one out of two people does camgirl right next to the room of those parents who struggle and criticize though this model had the pants or not. (One out of two, so I jokingly say that because it's not me, is you who are reading! ... Let's say truth! What time is your next show to the world? Hahaha! I joke!)

After all you know, the virtual is not real right? So it is less guilty who shows naked body to half a world of who does real sex only with the neighbor calling him friend ... Maybe in real life a person who shows naked body in cam to half the world is a good person ... But virtually is a great .... And there are not words because everithing is so confused that I do not know either.

We're all so confused and acting nasty that now we say things haphazardly without seem to mind and to prove what I am saying I report an idiotic question I get all the time from anyone, either from graduates and not that I'm starting to hate, that is: "And then what are you doing here?" with a response: "but why? It is written somewhere that I can not come? Or that it is forbidden to my entry?"

Example? Ok. Suppose some typical conversation. So with the help of internet I choose a typical Sicilian name, a Sardinian and one of Calabria; respectively: Calogero, Gavino and Italo

Me: Hello, I am pleased Antonio!

Calogero: I am pleased Calogero!

Me: I guess you're Sicilian?

Calogero: yes, Trapani and you?

Me: I am of Capri!

Calogero: beautiful! And what are you doing here?

Me: (obviously i don't answer the first time!)


Me: Hello, I am pleased Antonio!

Gavino: I am pleased Gavino!

Me: I guess you're Sardinian?

Gavino: yes, of Cagliari and you?

Me: I am of Capri!

Gavino: beautiful! And what are you doing here?

Me: (I do not answer even the second time ... but he is pressing!)

Gavino: I mean ... it's such a beautiful place, why you're here?

Me, because? Sardinia sucks? (Of course not!) 


Me: hello, pleasure are Antonio!

Italo: pleasure are Italo!

Me: Where are you from?

Italo: Reggio Di Calabria and you?

Me: I am of Capri!

Italo: beautiful! And what are you doing here?

(The millionth time, I got slightly bored of idiotic question to which nobody in the world would a sensible answer to give! So ...)

Me: you must know that in reality I was the roommate of his brother's nephew's cousin's father who wrote the character of Ryoga

Italo: I did not understand sorry!

Me: why not? Ryoga! Have not you known him? What school did you do?

Italo: the University and a master's degree in communication and marketing, I studied almost twenty years!

Me: If you hava a hard head, of course you have spend 20 years!

Italo: Huh? I did not understand sorry!

Me: No nothing, I said that it must be a hard experience, but obviously you had also a adolescence ... uh very hard since you do not know Ryoga... just do not know? ... Come on Ryoga? The character of the Ranma 1/2 series that will lose even to his house?

Italo: and what have him with you?

Me: I have the same defect: exactly how Ryoga that to go from the bathroom to the kitchen of his home runs trow China for half a year, I half a year ago I took by accident the plane that I thought would lead to the kitchen of my house but instead I found myself in England and a year and a half I can not find the kitchen of my house ... Believe me I looked everywhere, but just can not find it!


At the end we should say bullshit to which the people believe more, because if you tell the truth you do not believe .... So I come back to watch cartoons to find other plausible answers to absurd questions! Or not? Always better than responding "what a hell of question is that?" or "you are jerk!"