I have been silent for nearly two weeks to organize something.


Not everyone knows that from 1999 until 2005 I have collaborate and worked together with the animation staff il lotations scattered around the Mediterranean as a technical sound and lighting (or like propely definition: lighting and sound designer). The technical sound and lighting is the person within the holiday parks (or touristic villages) that deals with the music piped into the hotels during the day and at night driving and draws light and sound show in the theater, in the small villages there is only one person who occuopa is everything, but in large there may also be two or three.

I helped in the creation of several shows and I even thought about the creation of others: Cats, Grease, Tarzan, Aladdin, The Emperor's New Groove, Sister act (as in the film) - Titanic - Robin Hood, Dracula and Spaceball (Mel Brooks ) Notre dame Des Paris (in abridged version) - Ghostbusters - Happy Feet - Noting Hill - A bug's life and many others.

I taught people from different parts of the world to stand on the stage, I saw many children and youngsters play important parts in the shows, I did wear Minnie clothes of major corporate manager, I did wear women's clothes to men who occupy high positions within companies, I dressed myself clothes preposterous treading the stage.

It was the years in which I have written as many poems, poetic thoughts, theatrical transpositions, and I started several stories to the applause of the audience and what I will never forget are the standing ovation.


I'm about to celebrate my two years in England and, after knowing in depth the life, customs, laws, insurance, holidays and bureaucracy of British companies, I am ready to offer myself as organizer and planning events such as birthdays, conferences, meetings, team building (strengthening of relations between colleagues in a company) stag parties, hen parties, Christmas, wedding, and so on.

So, here's to you: Spettacolando.org