Working on 3 or 4...


I'm writing a little 'less because I'm working on three or four things:

  1. Reissue of the ideal city project
  2. Theory atom and universe
  3. Theory transmission of matter
  4. Hollow Earth Theory
  5. A surprise

Here you go!

Ideal City project

Everyone believes that to create an ideal city must destroy the existing ones and create new ones, is not so because all the city can become ideals if they use certain passages.

After a careful analysis, I developed one of an ideal city development plan and with my business management studies and feasibility analysis, I analyzed every little detail in the development of the idea, turning the town of Polis Greek ideal in a modern city and livable with the resolution of the three biggest problems facing our era: the crisis, unemployment and waste. Before you turn the idea into the project and then present it, I well documented if this idea was feasible and on the internet I found several engineers who are developing similar projects in cities such as New York, London, Berlin, Milan and Turin; but in them it comes to structural makeover and hence a sort of reconstruction of the city.

I have developed a system that does not require any kind of intervention on existing town and going just adapting it overlapped with analysis of the territory, feasibility analysis and development of the final project.

The main objective is to involve and work every single citizen in the collective interest, by putting the right people in the right place, raising again the economy and reducing to almost zero unemployment and the issue of waste.


Theory atom and universe


The same rules that apply to the atoms, also apply to the planetary or solar systems and vice versa. What they have in common an atom and our solar system? Both have a nucleus in the solar system it is the sun, and in the atoms are protons and electrons. They both orbit with objects that revolve around the nucleus in an atom are the electrons and the planetary and / or solar systems are the planets. If they are identical, then we can assume that there are the same rules and behave the same way? This theory is naturally the most elaborate, complex and with a different name.


Transmission of matter

A mass, an energy, a person or an object we will call by convention the "body".

First rule: (transmission of material for contact) Two bodies, if they are in contact with each other even for a moment, exchanging a part of the outer material. The outermost part of the body A will end the outer part in the body B and viveversa of the body B will end up in the body A

Second rule: (induction frequency) If you load a body at the same frequency or frequencies of the opposites of a body B exact, it instantly reach B even if it was ditante million kilometers or billions of light years.


hollow earth

Quiet, I will not tell you that at the center of the earth there is a hole, it is not exactly how things are, but if you really the universe was born in the Big Bang, the planets have sprung up attracting stray debris.


A surprise? Yup!

It will come very soon!

Keep an eye on this month, I do not know if I can before Christmas.