Back in 2001 I will be an open book for all of you


At the end of the school in 1996, after taking advantage of expert teachers from IT companies, marketing and market surveys who had taught us Exel, world, MS database and even Frontpage, I started to develop my website.

Internet was still very slow and to download or see an image or a photo it took from fifteen minutes to an hour but it was nice to be able to create images, assemble them and make a page visible to anyone; show my opinions and what I wrote to the whole world; speak and discuss without problems with scientists, researchers, professors and directors of the best American schools and research centers, but what worried was the Millennium bug.

The millennium bug is a informatic error in the representation of the dates of many computers and software that used only two decimal digits, including from 00 to 99, to store the year assuming as a starting point the year 1900.

All the consequences had been assessed because many of the computers used by businesses, ministries and public bodies were outdated and could have created serious problems for the pension or tax records and on 1st January 2000 all concerns turned out to be founded as documents were printed with the date 1st January 1900 and even on some boards appeared the date 1900 for about ten days.

Fortunately I hung up and I still take notes on notebooks and sheets and I keep some paper and floppy copies of my ideas and projects, pinpointing ideas, research, quotes from other authors' books and then I keep everything in folders; so in January 2000 I was just afraid of having to throw away the pc.

It was time to say "the devil had a finger in the pie" because the pc worked well for a few months until the motherboard decided it was time to "call the angel of mercy to help itself to cross over" (I do not know if there is a paradise for motherdoards, but I still take this poetic license to specify what happened) and I did not have time to create a backup copy of my first story started in 1994.

In 2001 I was convinced to have given the last copy of this story to a publishing house that took me for the layout of a book and instead a few years ago I found, among many other notes and writings, the first page of that story.

However, thanks to that collaboration, I managed to get my hands on four fantastic programs, two of Corel: Draw and Pagemaker plus the adobe package: Falshmaker and Dreamweaver.


“I will be an open book for all of you”

I created a site with the aim of offering readers my thoughts, to give the opportunity to read what I write without giving too much importance to who I am and also because if I write so much, I certainly do not paint and if there are no audio or invitations to concerts is sure that I am not a singer.

I created an image from zero with Corel Draw of an open book and I worked a month almost to finish it and split it into separate images like a puzzle to use in the html code that rebuilt the book of 1200 x 600 pixels to give the feeling to those who entered find yourself leafing through a book instead of a website.

As I said last italian post (available by clicking Here), this site has seen in episodes some still unripe story like "L'Imperatrice" (The Empress), "La Piascina" (The Pool), "I quattro cavalieri" (The Four Knights), "La Regina Maab" (The Queen Maab) but I made a mistake because who read me between 2001 and 2005 was lucky enough to read the project of my first online story entitled "i quattro cavalieri" (the four knight) that I have never published anywhere.

Those who followed me last year saw the new adventure of "I Cartozzi", (comic scenes with characters made of paper) of which I'm considering new episodes in English.

In this regard, I'm doing a survey on facebook: what would you like more? Read new episodes of "I Cartozzi" or read for the first time ever "The Four Knights"?

the survey is available by clicking here or below. Let me know numeros.