The rain



The rain beats relentless and I seek shelter in a street of this city I do not know. Knock on wood afraid to ask for shelter and, to my surprise, just knock on the door where I will present you. Great wonder in your eyes and in my way for a moment seems to stop. I invite me to come in and we are alone in the house. Rain on tinkling glasses and you wear an evening gown adorned with beautiful laces in the front. I look at me smile and you lean close to the table, I still look at it and you dissolve the first tie on the front. I do not draw near, saying to you: "stripped". You undress, and you lie flat on the table, look at you and I order you not to move. I want to look at your naked body lying on that table and still look your hands on your hips to slip slip on your belly while you close your eyes and you move sinuously. I order you not to touch you, to let me still look as you move and you know how I like to see you as you move. Then move! Come on and let me watch as you move. Put your hands behind your back and move leaving me watching. Are you freaking? If you are exciting? Do you want to touch you? Then ask me to do it! Ask me, please, as you continue to move! Ask me for pleasure and muoiviti yet! Scongiurami to do it and move always showing you more of me! Beg to do you hustle like a bud and by moving floor and sinuously! Beg to touch you until I tell you to do it! Not good: I want to hear you say you want to make love with me! Tell me you want me! Tell me you want me inside you so rude now! Tell me you want me! Tell me you want to be mine! Tell me you want to make love to me! Only now you can! I see your hands slipping sinuous your hands that lie in wait, the groans echo in the room until you reach the maximum of pleasure giving chills to your whole body, your head turned donna_sotto_la_pioggiao your right and the fantastic groans with light hissing inside shed your mouth ajar. Finally, I ask: "Promise me you will never change anything between us." I promise! But now you keep moving, I want to see you moan again! You wriggle and continue to moan and groans are even stronger, the hiss of your fingers join the moans hissing. I look at it, you get up, I viani closely and with the hand I throw out the window, the window does not break and I find myself naked look beyond this glass. Get to the bare glass resting your body on it and keep moving sinuously exploring your femininity and the moans leave streaks on the glass. Your moans are recorded from my mind and from my heart that sees only a thin glass between us that maybe can shatter if only you wanted to. But you do not infrangerai this glass and essodiventa more often and in a moment, as if in a dream, I find myself inside the house and you out of it in the rain. Now you're in the rain and bad air, almost as if nothing had happened, I say: "All this was only an unattainable dream because you do not I'll never have and I shut you in this house!" Like Mina Stroker's Dracula, you have lived intense moments, but then decide to shut myself up as a prisoner and segregarmi. Looking to escape the rain and I would just like to be able to catch you. I'll turn into rain for you to be able to caress and if this is not suffiiciente, sell my soul to the devil and become fog, because if God does not want us to be together, then I will ask the devil to turn into mist ...