A true stories of real life


it is evening ... Walking in the usual way home from afar when I see six women still near a traffic light in a row ... ... a distance of one meter from each other ... A blonde with hair bob, white complexion, average height, normal forms, very short white dress ... a brunette, blacks bobbed hair, a bit 'tanned, slightly low, voluptuous curves, patterned dress on white background nature very short ... Another brunette, long hair gathered in the tail, normal stature, tiny forms, lean, black top and mini mini red skirt ... a black woman, buxom, medium height, Topp black leggings and black transparent ... a brunette girl high and with generous curves, dressed in jeans ... a girl as tall as me, a bit 'in flesh and very generous in form, with the loop amplifier and mini black mini skirt ...

And she was on my bed


I grabbed my laptop and I pressed the power button, when suddenly ... "I'm tired!" she said, sitting down on my bed and I'd look at her answer: "Why do not you lie a little, so that you rest!" It was not the first time that I advised him and this time I was expecting a no because she looked at me quizzically as he had always done.

I added to my advice, again: "You know with me you can feel very peaceful ... I would not dream of doing something to a woman if she does not want to ... It is not my style and I think this rule it should apply to all men! "

"All right, now I lie down!" and at that point I was looking at her quizzically as he removed his shoes and dazed watched recline on the bed, on my bed, on my bedspread and she had asked me: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Which way?"

"As a man in love!"