"I am an AC power writer

trying to order shapeless words

in sequences of titillating hunger;

when my reader can be nourished

and twinkle like fireflies stars,

When he had enough of my art

can discover his emotions"

Antonio Dragossido by www.dragossido.com

The hand of a man meets a woman

When the hand of a man
meets the roundness of a woman,
It is no longer the hand, but is transformed
in silk of the same silk,
in gold of the same gold,
in sweetness in the same sweetness,
in precious stones of the same preciousness...
And that moment is so sublime
that no words can define it,
no poetry can be enough
and even a whole encyclopedia
can define the heavenly feeling
of that precise moment...
of that precise instant...
in which the hand touches the woman.
And it is melting, it is lightning,
is flickering flames lit,
that frenetic dance,
flares up and become entangled.

Antonio Dragossido by www.dragossido.com