Antonio Gargiulo

Writer Poet Screenwriter Playwright

I have started writing just for funny at age 11 for girls that I fell in love or on the diaries of my classmates, but in 1993 I wrote my first short story of science fiction that I unfortunately lost in a floppy between the school and the classroom. I have won several awards, I have received an Academic Delegation, I have wrote and I have published four books, I wrote five stories and I have a text ready for a movie or a fiction.

Website, Server, Nas and Network Developer

A reference website has become really very important and nowadays represents more than 75% of the image, of a company, a brand, a product or person. 2014 statistics show that every person in the world spends from 2 to 6 hours on the internet. For this reason, the creation of a site has become the first investment needed. In the Internet there are many companies that offer the creation of web sites, but the result is a package equal to all. I offer a twenty-year experience and a project to your goals and your type of company or service. For more info

Business Management, Accounting, Employee Management

The birth of a new business must be supported by a study or a feasibility analysis can provide a series of data of economic-business, on which to draw guidelines for the establishment of the task. The study or feasibility study consists of preparing a document: the business plan. It is a useful tool to evaluate consciously the strengths and weaknesses of the business project and has to be a dynamic instrument, adaptable to the changes that take place inside or outside the company. The business plan can also quickly become obsolete and should be checked constantly by each contractor; It must be revised and updated because it is a forecast based on statistical data or estimates, and these data are sometimes hard to come by but have a very high value, especially to potential lenders or investors.

Communication, Survey, Marketing, guest relation and many others skills....

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