Love = Amore

Copertina amore = love

This book is in 2 languages

English on the left and Italian on the right




Writer: Antonio Gargiulo by

(paper book): Amazon - Createspace

(ebook): Amazon - kindle editore

Pages: 116

ISBN: 978-15-3936-104-6

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Still confused


I worked a lot on my return bringing back all my passions and skills in one place and now that I have finished the work. I don't know yet where to start with this website and blog.

In the while I was thinking, I managed to complete one of my many ideas left poised for over seven or eight months and I still have two or three in the balance.

Now here I am, attentive and I rate ... I evaluate whether really worth writing ... that frankly I expected some appreciation more to post on my way back through the "Like" on the Facebook profile. Instead, what has aroused interest is the fact that I rewrote the script of several films (including Notting Hills, Ghostbusters, Spaceball, A Bug's Life and many others) in the stage version ... but the bad news is that I can not find the scripts, even though I have the cD ready for the show.

What to say? Boh!

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