Back in 2001 I will be an open book for all of you


At the end of the school in 1996, after taking advantage of expert teachers from IT companies, marketing and market surveys who had taught us Exel, world, MS database and even Frontpage, I started to develop my website.

Internet was still very slow and to download or see an image or a photo it took from fifteen minutes to an hour but it was nice to be able to create images, assemble them and make a page visible to anyone; show my opinions and what I wrote to the whole world; speak and discuss without problems with scientists, researchers, professors and directors of the best American schools and research centers, but what worried was the Millennium bug.

The millennium bug is a informatic error in the representation of the dates of many computers and software that used only two decimal digits, including from 00 to 99, to store the year assuming as a starting point the year 1900.

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